UBC Campus, Vancouver, BC

The Sea to Sky Aphasia Camp is based on a community-university partnership that brings together people with aphasia, their family members, and students from a wide variety of health professions. The weekend-long camp offers an opportunity for all participants to connect with and learn from one another while enjoying organized recreational activities in the beauty of the UBC campus in Vancouver.

The goals of the Sea-to-Sky Aphasia Camp are to create a communicatively-accessible environment that will:

  1. Enable people with aphasia to participate in social and recreational activities that are specially adapted for their needs.
  2. Offer opportunities for people with aphasia and their families to learn from each other about living successfully with aphasia.
  3. Provide educational opportunities for a wide variety of healthcare students to learn together, alongside people with aphasia and their families, about how to manage communication challenges and other effects of acquired brain injury.
  4. Raise awareness and understanding about aphasia and the importance of inter professional education.